Teenage Man

by Mike Matteson

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You know Mike Matteson. If you've ever been to Chaplin's since 2012, chances are you have seen him drumming, playing guitar, or head banging and watching his friends. You know him as that kid who plays too hard. Onlooking mothers hesitantly describe him as "entertaining" in an uncertain tone. But perhaps you saw something valuable. Maybe for a split second, you knew he was special.

Maybe you were thinking of Heavy Moon before you knew what it was about the night that scares you. Maybe this is what you thought you saw.

Or maybe you just want to dance. This is a good album for that too.


released February 11, 2017

All songs written by Mike Matteson
All instruments (and unfortunately, vocals) performed by Mike Matteson

Thanks to Noah, Gisko, Wolfy G, my parents, Jeff, Chris, Josh, my aunts and uncles, and all the sketchy freaks.



all rights reserved


Mike Matteson Spring City, Pennsylvania

Mike Matteson does everything. He plays all the instruments, writes all the music, and explores all the genres. He's been in bands playing blues, punk, alternative, sludge metal, and balls-out rock and roll. He released his first solo album, Teenage Man, in February 2017. His second album, Gong Bangin', was released two weeks later. ... more

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Track Name: Leave It Blank
I said it again, you know
I said some deep shit about so and so
Well now I can't find the right kind of moral to grow
I'm gonna leave it blank for the next little woman who's got to know

I might as well leave it blank

I'm just so happy I could cry
Because I ain't got nothing more to say but lies
I wouldn't understand even if I was high
Because I know just what you're thinking but I ain't that kind of guy
Track Name: Stewmaker
Where have they gone
Kicking the can, for Chapo's man
And PRI gets along

You're mellow jello, and I'm liquified
Sinking into the table with sodium hydroxide
Stewmaker yeah

Caustic soda people
Down my drain
Caustic soda people
In a watery gravy

Dissolved me
Washed out to sea
Baby you melt my heart, down to my bones

It's silver or lead, when you've strung out your thread
In this land it's the era of the dead
Stewmaker yeah

Borderlands, mixing drinks
Would you recognize me
I'll be gone in a day, no chalk and just clay
And I'll chase down the rest as they runoff, not away

Caustic soda people
Down my drain
Caustic soda people
In a watery grave
Caustic soda people
Down my drain
Caustic soda people
In a watery gravy

Hey, down my drain
In a watery grave
Seeping away
Seeping away
Track Name: Just A Little Bit
Well, I wanna be your boyfriend
Just a little bit
Yeah, I want a little loving
Just a little bit
I don't need that love bug, baby
I just need you one minute
I need you just a little bit

Yeah, I want you to touch me
Just a little bit
And I wanna get excited
Just a little bit
I can't take that sickness business
I just need you one minute
I need you just a little bit
Yeah, just a little bit

Well, I wanna be your boyfriend
Just a little bit
Yeah, I want you to love me
Just a little bit
I just gotta get something, baby
I just got to get it
I need just a little bit
Track Name: Teenage Man
I'm an air mass on a string
I'm a specific kind of thing
I'm a preacher of the wanton truth
I'm real jaded but I'm full of youth
I’m a teenage man

I'll tell you exactly what I mean
My words aren't exactly what they seem
I know exactly what I am
If only you could understand
I declare
I'm a teenage man
I declare
I'm a teenage man

I've been there and I have seen
That most people aren't far from mean
And I know now what you will do then
We're caught in a cycle again and again and again
I declare
I'm a teenage man
I’m a teenage man
Track Name: Ride The Rainbow, Baby
Let me tell you exactly who I am
Let me tell you exactly what I want
I don't want the things I really wanted before
What I want is something that you can't ignore

There's something special here
I'm riding rainbows back to you
To you
This could never clear
But I am able now to choose
It's you

One day I had to laugh at myself
If I could change then maybe I could get lucky too
I took a ride and the thought got caught in my head
All this time I was dreaming 'bout me and you... still dreaming

I guess I'm happy now
Or just a little bit confused
It's true
I'd rather fool myself
But I can't hide the part that's skewed
To you

Bye, bye, bye

You passed my chance when I came around
It's only now you got the cats all on the hound
We were already there when I was trying to make a brand new start
Take a chance, make a risk, get it hot, 'cause you already got my heart

I guess I'm happy now
And I'm leaving it up to you
To you
You should already know
I only show the clues to you
You knew
Track Name: Heavy Moon
Every memory comes alive in the light of the heavy moon
All your thoughts of life and death fill this ugly room
And maybe you will pray, but you’ve still got hell to pay
I would make a change if I were you

Child, go to sleep, before you fall in too deep
In the stillness of the night, and the awakening light

Nothing makes the wrong seem so right
Like a heavy moon

Once your mind betrays you, you know there’s no escape
And then you start to drown in everything you should have said
Now the devil’s reaping, but the past is for your keeping
It’s so easy to jump right in again

No one knows your weakness quite like you
In a heavy moon

In a heavy moon
The awakening light
You feel with your eyes
Breathe the darkened sky
No laws apply
When you see the light
When you see the light

In the heat you’re sinking, in the stagnant sands of time
But in the bigger picture, your life is wasting by
The air is stiff and still, and this hollow room is filled
By desire for the morning sky and the words that carry on
Like a heavy moon
Track Name: New Attraction
I'm such a mess and I guess that's all
I should be at a party but I'm having a ball
I guess I made myself a new attraction
And I don't need action to get satisfaction, baby

Unfortunately, you've got nothing for me

You had me pulling strings, pushing envelopes
Now I live in dreams because you killed all hope
I was only trying to do something new
And I only wanna do it with you

What else is there to do
I'm part of the proud and few

I can help myself, but when you drive me crazy
I wanna teach you how to be my baby, baby
I just wanna be your new attraction
Cause I need a reaction to get some satisfaction, baby

All you need to be is confused
I only wish it was true
Track Name: Every Word I Say Is Meaning Less
Every word I say is meaning less
It's just too hard to keep my problems off your chest
When I think of all those never minds recycled and prolonged
I need a little danger, if it's wrong then I'll behold and you'll belong, don't you dare to come along

I thought you said you would
I said we should meet again, and then you half misunderstood
And now I wonder if we ever could
You lie awake in sheets of innocence on a bed of applewood

I can't make the best of a situation
The arguments I planned don't have any explanation
Meanwhile I'm so scared of inflammation
Too bad when morals fail there's legislation

I can hear them calling every day
Sneaking up behind and stealing away
And then I looked him in the eye and shook his hand
Never did I think this was a chance
Don't you know the history of man

I thought you said you would

Do hear the things she says?
Do you know what it means?
I guess that's none of my business...

I think I'm gonna...
Because that's the way it's always been...
I guess I never knew exactly...